GURU® Plug Rebuild Program

ThermOmegaTech® offers a Rebuild Program to send in your old GURU® Plugs to be cleaned, some components replaced, and the valve rebuilt & retested. This program is offered for both our Locomotive and Passenger Car valves.

Recommendations on Maintenance
ThermOmegaTech® recommends changing the GURU® Plug every 18-24 months. The characteristic tendency of the GURU® Plug actuator is to lose some small amount of stroke as it ages beyond one year. This causes the release temperature to creep upward, as well as the manual reset temperature. While this is a “safe” tendency as far as freeze protection, eventually the upward creep can cause nuisance dumping.

Our rebuild program allows you to return your old GURU® Plugs to be rebuilt so you essentially get back a brand new valve.

How the Program Works
• Valves are returned with a purchase order to our facility
• All components are scrapped except cartridge body and hex nut
• New thermal actuator and components are assembled into the cartridge
• Cartridge is 100% tested and inspected
• Hex Nut is assembled and inspected
• Cartridge is inserted into the Hex Nut
• Completely assembled GURU® Plug is leak tested
• 100% Final pop test is completed

We also now offer a UTEX program:
• Purchase orders of 50 pieces or less will be processed upon receipt of the order
• The cores will still need to be returned to us and we will continue to monitor for any
damaged valves or discrepancies.