2″ Thermostatic Mixing/Diverting Valve (2 M/D-S/S)

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Product Description

Model: 2 M/D-S/S

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For diverting applications will divert or switch the inlet flow to either of two outlet ports depending on the fluid temperature.

The M/D valve is factory tested and calibrated.

Model Operation

The ThermOmegaTech® M/D temperature control valve is designed for 3-way mixing or diverting applications. For fast response, the valve is compact and low mass. ThermOmegaTech®‘s valves are designed around our exclusive Thermoloid® sensor/controller that automatically and accurately proportions the flow in response to fluid temperature. The Thermoloid® sensor/controller is the most advanced and reliable thermal actuator of its type available today.

Design Features

  • Cooling water control-radiator
  • Cooling water control-Heat Exchanger
  • Hydraulic fluid cooling systems
  • Direct cooling with raw water
  • Lube oil cooling control
  • Constant temperature baths
  • Constant temperature wash basins & sinks
  • Loop-type circulation systems
  • Direct injection water heating
  • Hot water washdown stations
  • Make-up water
  • Electric system cooling
  • Air conditioning
  • Water conservation