As the North American Market Leader in Locomotive Freeze Protection, ThermOmegaTech® has developed a variety of products for both locomotives and passenger cars. Our line of GURU® valves are self-operating, thermostatic drain valves that protect locomotives and passenger cars from freeze damage – protecting your investment and keeping your equipment safe.

Our GURU Plugs have water sensing properties that cause it to snap open after the engine shuts down and the whole system begins to cool. This allows for the system to drain before freeze damage can occur.

The GURU PC valve is self-contained and drains water-bearing systems in passenger cars automatically by monitoring ambient temperatures. The valve is completely mechanical and requires no power connection of any kind. The optional heater assembly is connected to available electric power to prevent draining when car heat is functioning normally. The heater quickly closes the valve for refilling after a drain and restoration of car power.

Locomotives and Passenger Cars