Therm-O-Mix® Station

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Product Description

Therm-O-Mix® Tepid Water Delivery System

The Therm-O-Mix® tepid water delivery system provides an instantaneous and reliable source of tepid water for a safety shower and combination face/eyewash system using existing plant steam and water.


• Self-operating – No outside power required
• Uses existing plant steam and water supply
• Provides 3 to 25 GPM of 80°F
• Easy to retrofit on existing shower or combination face/eyewash stations
•Maintains constant 80°F output regardless of inlet water temperature
(between 40°F and 80°F)
• No insulated tanks or expensive recirculation systems required
• Self-purging-no need for elaborate drainage system
•Union connections allow quick and easy installation

Design Features

• Plant steam and water never mix – uses compact heat exchanger
• Standard pressure unit available for 45-60 PSIG steam pressure
• Low pressure unit available for 15-30 PSIG steam pressure
• Durable enclosure can be readily removed for service
• Conforms to OSHA and ANSI recommendations
• Designed to meet ASSE 1071 requirements
• Steam trap on steam inlet included


When an emergency shower or eyewash is activated,the pressure drop on a diaphragm opens the steam control valve (V-3). Water and steam flow are established instantly heating water and condensing the steam. After exiting the heat exchanger, hot water enters the tempering valve (V-5) and then the mixing valve (V-1) where it is blended with cold water to produce an outlet of 80°F water. The steam valve remains closed should water supply be interrupted.

Typical Applications

OSHA and ANSI require all your emergency fixtures to provide 80°F (26.7°C)  water for a minimum & continuous 15-minute cycle. The Therm-O-Mix® Tepid Water Delivery System can ensure your emergency equipment will meet these codes. Since the station doesn’t require any electric power it is suitable for explosion-proof environments and outdoor installations.


Therm-O-Mix® Tepid Water Delivery System Specs