STVM Washdown Station is the secret to maximum uptime.

ThermOmegaTech®’s STVM® Washdown Station delivers a high temperature wash at a user-defined temperature using a proprietary mixing valve to combine steam and water. Its self-scouring design minimizes mineral buildup and reduces maintenance frequency.

Increased Uptime

• Simple cartridge design – One moving part
• Patented mixing design is self-cleaning

Increased Safety

• Interlocking ball valves provide instant shut-off
• Thermally actuated over-temperature safety shutoff

Ease of Maintenance

• Removable replaceable cartridge – No special tools required
• Inline field serviceable – replace with spare in minutes
• Cartridges are easily cleaned without further disassembly

Quieter Operation

• Multiple venturi steam inlets minimize water hammer effect
• Operates around 20 decibels less than other mixing units

Additional Mixing Stations

We also offer the HCX mixing unit which provides a high temperature washdown using hot and cold water lines when steam is not available and the HCS single channel station.

The Secret to Uptime

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