Washdown Station Enclosure

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SKU: 942-100000-000

Product Description

Model MRE Washdown Station Enclosure

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The Model MRE enclosure is specifically designed to provide a secure, uncluttered environment for ThermOmegaTech® Washdown Stations, Hoses and Guns. The MRE stainless steel enclosure is intended for recessed wall type installations and is flush mount which allows the doors to open a full 180° for easy accessibility. Two separate hose racks are included to accommodate convenient access and storage for short or long hoses up to 100ft.

Design Features

  • 304 stainless steel – Corrosion resistant
  • Lockable 3-point door latch
  • Removable hose rack for 25ft, 50ft, 100ft long hose
  • Removable low mounting hose rack for 25ft, 50ft long hose
  • Drain port
  • Steam inlet pipe insulation supplied. Insulation must be installed