Plant Engineering and Maintenance

In many food or chemical processing plants, cleaning tanks and equipment is not always an easy task. The STVM® Washdown Station solves this issue by delivering high temperature wash down using a proprietary mixing valve that combines steam and water for a constant stream at the operator’s set temperature. This intuitive safety shutoff feature essentially eliminates the “hose full of steam” problem of the past, decreasing hazardous conditions.

The STVM® Washdown Station’s design ensures long, uninterrupted use and silent operation, even in high mineral content water conditions. This is achieved by a scouring action that occurs as the flow of steam and water enter the mixing valve to minimize the buildup of minerals – reducing buildup in tight clearance areas. Our STVM® Washdown Station is easy to maintain – requiring only one wrench to change the valve cartridge that houses the thermal actuator

Around the world, plumbing codes state that temperature coming out of drains must be below 140°F (60°C). Discharge from boiler blowdowns, autoclaves, commercial dishwashers or any other piece of equipment that expels high temperature water or steam, causes problems with PVC pipes and other safety and environmental issues. When you place our drain tempering valve ahead of the drain you are guaranteed that temperature will always be below the legal and safe limit.

Designed to reduce flow should the output temperature exceed the factory set point of 150F/185F, our STVM® Washdown Station ensures optimum safety levels and will completely shut down 15F above that. The valve will restore flow once temperature falls below the shutoff temperature.