ThermOmegaTech’s Electronics Division is a leading electronic contract manufacturer specializing in PCB assembly, prototyping, testing, and final packaging for industries such as Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Industrial, LED lighting, and Non-commodity consumer electronic products.


PCB Assembly

Our PCBAs are known for advanced functionality and long-lasting reliability, which is crucial for electronic products that perform in extreme or critical conditions. We run smart, automated electronic assembly lines that include pick and place machines with mounting speeds to 45,300 cph, processing components down to 01005, and fine pitch down to 0.3mm (BGA, QFN, QFP) to create high-quality PCB assemblies.

We also have various reflow oven sizes and automated 3D optical inspection systems that allow quick and accurate inspection and eliminate human errors.

We service customers in various industries. Due to our growth in the Aerospace and Defense industry, we have decided to pursue AS9100D as our primary Quality Management System to create standard operating procedures across all business segments. This allows us to enhance the quality of our product while increasing efficiencies and alleviating undue price increases for our customers.

We have a vast knowledge of PCB capabilities, including manufacturing rigid, flex, and rigid/flex designs, surface mount processing, thru-hole processing, and using a mix of both technologies for single or double-sided boards in small quantities, prototypes, or large production runs.

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Surface Mount Technology (SMT) PCB Assembly

Surface mount technology is a flexible assembly process that allows manufacturers to use smaller components with a higher density of connections and a much higher component density on a single board to produce an overall smaller footprint. Component placement can be single-sided or double-sided and does not require drilling through the board as with through-hole assemblies, allowing for a more streamlined and automated-friendly process.

Surface mount boards are also faster and easier to assemble, making them much more cost-effective to manufacture. SMT assemblies are built for more robust mechanical performance, better handle shock, and vibration conditions, and have more predictable high-frequency performance.

With over 30 years of experience providing SMT assembly services for customers over various applications, we have the skills and resources to process virtually any PCB assembly project up to 1200mm (47.24″) in length for short or long runs.

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Through-Hole PCB Assembly

Through-hole technology is the mounting process in which leads are used to connect two locations on a circuit board electrically. This process involves drilling into the printed circuit board to insert the lead through the holes and soldering components on the board using automated soldering or manual soldering methods. Because leads go through the board and are soldered in place, this creates a stronger bond between components and the board, enhancing reliability and durability.

With the ability to withstand extreme accelerations, high and low temperatures, mechanical stress, high power, and high voltages, through-hole mounting is the ideal solution for military-grade applications that must be resistant to environmental stress. Through-hole mounting is also a valuable technique for prototyping and testing, offering the ability to adjust or replace leads manually and rearrange layouts to determine the ideal design.

We put quality first in PCB assembly, meaning that your product outcome will exceed expectations, as every project is handled in a well-defined and strictly controlled environment. Our through-hole PCB assembly designs have proven to perform in extreme environments, taking ruggedness to a new level.

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