Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic systems are used for precise control of a large force in many industrial, mobile, and aerospace applications. To maintain system performance it is important to control the fluid temperatures.

Temperatures above recommended limits cause reduced system life due to lower fluid viscosity leading to poor lubrication, higher internal leakage, higher risk of pump cavitation, thermal degradation of seals and other components. Temperatures below the recommended range increase hydraulic fluid viscosity leading to higher stress on pumps, valves, fittings, seals, and other components.

ThermOmegaTech®’s thermal bypass valves (TBVs) are ideal for these applications to maintain optimal hydraulic fluid temperature. Our 3-way temperature control valves (also known as thermostatic control valves, TCVs, or temperature regulators,) use our self-actuating thermostatic technology to monitor the inlet flow and divert the fluid based on temperature. Cooler fluid will go through the bypass of the valve directly to the reservoir or bypass loop while hot fluid will activate the thermal actuator, causing the internal cartridge to close and forcing the fluid through the system cooler.

Hydraulic System Temperature Control Valves

Thermostatic Temperature Control for Hydraulic Systems

Thermal control in hydraulic systems offers a number of performance, economic, and environmental benefits including:
  • Maintaining correct temperature keeps hydraulic fluid within its recommended viscosity range ensuring that mechanical components are properly lubricated and hydraulic devices run at peak efficiency.
  • Keeping temperatures down helps ensure the hydraulic fluid and other system components last longer. Excess heat degrades hydraulic fluid, forms harmful varnish on component surfaces, and deteriorates seals.
  • Operating within recommended temperature ranges increases a hydraulic system’s availability and efficiency, improving equipment productivity.
  • Increased machine uptime and fewer shutdowns reduces service and repair costs.

Designed with the most advanced and reliable thermal actuator technology available today, our thermal bypass valves are compact, low mass, reliable and fast acting making them the ideal alternative for Amot valves, FPE valves, Parker Valves, and Thermal Transfer valves.

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