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Learn more about the history of ThermOmegaTech®’s innovative solutions using thermal actuator technology.
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Freeze Protection for Other Industries

We expand the application of our freeze protection products to serve other industries such as Aerospace, Chemical, Construction, Engineering, Food & Beverage, Government, HVAC, Manufacturing, Medical, Petroleum, Pharmaceutical, Plant & Safety, Power, Pulp & Paper, OEM, Wastewater and more.

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Scald Protection, Safety Shower

We develop scald protection products designed specifically to protect personnel by draining excessively hot water from safety showers and eyewash systems.

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Industrial Cleaning, Washdown Stations

We use our innovative technology to design the STVM® Steam & Water Washdown Station, which delivers a high temperature washdown using a proprietary mixing valve that combines steam and fluid for a constant stream of fluid at a set temperature.

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Freeze Protection, Railroad Passenger Cars

We introduce the GURU PC® Valve for Passenger Cars. Through the use of thermal actuator technology, these valves provide reliable freeze protection to minimize downtime for passenger car water bearing systems.

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Seal Water Support, Mechanical Seals

We launch our EcoFlow valve as a solution to monitor and control the seal water temperature of mechanical seals which saves thousands of gallons of water annually and eliminates the risk of dry running seals.

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Commercial Plumbing, CSU/CSU Assembly

We enhance our Circuit Solver® line to include the CSU, which includes an integrated union and optional check valve, and the CSU Assembly, which adds isolation valves to both sides of the CSU to create a fully assembled valve.

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Industrial Cleaning, Hot/Cold Washdown Stations

We introduce the Hot/Cold Water Mixing Station, which combines simplicity and cost effectiveness by mixing hot and cold water to the desired proportion.

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CSUSF Protects Against Legionella Growth

We introduced the CSUSF, our solution to allow for super heat disinfection in buildings to protect against Legionella growth. The CSUSF uses two high-thrust actuators, a low-temperature actuator to maintain standard balancing temperature and a high-temperature actuator to allow for high temperature sanitary flushing of the system.

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We are a global leader in the design and manufacturing of the most advanced, reliable, and compact self-actuated thermostatic technology for temperature control. We are the North American market leader in railroad freeze protection, protecting billions of dollars of equipment every year. Other key industries we serve include commercial plumbing, aerospace & defense, and industrial.

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