Cooling water is used to remove heat from a process or equipment to prevent malfunction. Operating a cooling water system efficiently requires minimizing water waste while maintaining proper temperatures to cool the process and/or equipment and limit algae growth.

Industrial plants use cooling water to keep their systems running efficiently and their equipment from overheating. When operating, machines produce energy which makes them hot. The longer the equipment is exposed to high temperatures the quicker it will wear and be at risk of damage. Many plants use cooling water systems to keep equipment cool, but this can be very costly when not properly managed.

ThermOmegaTech’s cooling water control valves can significantly reduce energy consumption in these systems by automatically monitoring and controlling cooling media flow. These temperature control valves sense the cooling water temperature and will modulate open and closed based on temperature. This system automatically regulates and maintains the discharge temperature and allows appropriate flow to all areas.

To prevent overheating in water cooled compressors, water cooled heat exchangers, electrical equipment, die-casting mold equipment, and injection molding equipment, temperatures must be properly monitored and regulated to keep the system at an appropriate temperature range without using too much cooling fluid. ThermOmegaTech’s thermostatic temperature control valves ensure proper, efficient, and automatic balancing, allowing and directing flow to the areas in which they are needed.

The HAT/RA (Heat Actuated Trap/Reverse Acting) and TV/HAT-RA (Tube Valve Heat Actuated Trap/Reverse Acting)  valves may be used to regulate the flow of cooling water, glycol, or other cooling media in applications requiring economical removal of heat from equipment or a process. The valves regulate cooling water flow as needed thereby minimizing consumption and waste. Since the HAT/RA and TV/HAT-RA valves open on rising temperatures, they may be used in many thermal relief valve applications.

HAT/RA-LP and TV/HAT-RA-LP valves have leak ports for increased sensitivity of upstream temperatures. These valves are ideal for controlling cooling water for compressors and die-casting equipment, engines, heat exchangers, welding equipment, electrical equipment, and molding equipment.

Self-actuating thermostatic cooling valves are an essential component in water cooling systems to maintain an optimum operating temperature, reduce wear by removing unnecessary heat from equipment and conserve energy. ThermOmegaTech’s cooling water control valves come in a variety of sizes and set points making it ideal for any cooling system design.