As the North American market leader for Locomotive freeze protection, ThermOmegaTech® is dedicated to the protection of piping, valves, fittings, pumps, condensate systems, solar, safety showers, fire lines, spray nozzles, and all other freeze sensitive equipment. All of our freeze protection products have been developed to preserve your investment and keep your equipment safe.

IC/FP valves are purely water temperature sensitive. The sensing element, the thermal actuator, is always wetted and is preferable for heat traced lines where freeze protection flow is not required unless heat tracing fails. IC/FP valves are installed within the heated system.

HAT/FP valves in the standard flow direction are initially air temperature sensitive then as the valve opens it responds to flowing water temperature. While this improves the safety factor since the valve opens sooner, the discharge flow must be handled properly to prevent an ice patch. In reverse flow direction, HAT/FP valves are water temperature sensing like IC/FP.