A thermal bypass valve is necessary in hydraulic circuits that require fast warm-up, controlled fluid temperature, and low return line back pressure. Temperature control is the key element for optimal system performance. Fluids that are too hot can cause reduced fluid viscosity, internal leakage, pump cavitation, and eventual component failure. Fluids that are too cold increase fluid viscosity, resulting in high stress on system components. Proper control of fluid temperature ensures that mechanical components are properly lubricated and run at peak efficiency.

ThermOmegaTech’s 3-way thermal bypass valves (TBVs) provide reliable control of fluid temperatures in engines, compressors, lubrication oil cooling systems, hydrostatic drive circuits, radiators, hydraulic power units, process control and other industrial applications where fluids must be diverted depending on their temperatures.

These self-actuating thermal bypass valves monitor inlet flow and automatically divert the fluid based on temperature to one of two outlet ports. Fluid below the valve’s set-point temperature is bypassed to a reservoir or bypass loop while fluid at or above the set-point is diverted to the system’s cooler.

These thermostatic valves automatically control fluid temperature to keep a system operating at the optimal temperature to reduce system wear and eliminate excessive heat damage. In bypass mode, the TBV modulates fluid temperature by shifting return line flow through a cooler/heat exchanger or bypassing it directly to the reservoir. In mixing mode, the TBV adjusts flow through ports “B” and “C” to provide the desired temperature exiting the “A” port.

Thermal bypass is necessary to maintain fluid temperature control in hydraulic and lube oi systems used in industrial, mobile and aerospace applications. ThermOmegaTech’s TBV’s provide precise thermostatic control for heat exchangers and fuel oil coolers in dozens of applications, typically in military aircraft.

ThermOmegaTech designs and manufacturers all the thermal actuators in their valves in-house giving us the unique ability to provide customize for your project’s needs. Customization’s can be made to opening/closing temperatures, material, valve size, flow rates, number of inlets/outlets, and other optional features such as overrides.

If one of our standard products doesn’t meet your systems’ needs, contact one of our product specialists to discuss your project’s requirements.