ThermOmegaTech’s 3-way thermal bypass valves (TBVs) provide reliable control of fluid temperatures in engines, compressors, lubrication oil cooling systems, hydrostatic drive circuits, radiators, hydraulic power units, process control and other industrial applications where fluids must be mixed or diverted depending on their temperatures.

These self-actuating thermal bypass valves automatically control fluid temperature to keep a system operating at the optimal temperature to reduce system wear and eliminate excessive heat damage.

In bypass mode, the TBV modulates fluid temperature by shifting return line flow through a cooler/heat exchanger or bypassing it directly to the reservoir. In mixing mode, the TBV adjusts flow through ports “B” and “C” to provide the desired temperature exiting the “A” port.


Thermal Bypass Sell Sheet
Thermal Bypass Installation and Maintenance Instructions


  • Self-operating – No external power source required
  • Applicable for mixing or diverting applications
  • Compact and low mass for fast response
  • Few moving parts
  • Minimal maintenance needed

Design Features

  • Easy Installation
  • Exclusive self-actuating Thermoloid® sensor/controller
  • Standard housings bronze or stainless steel – other materials available upon request
  • Customization to temperature, materials, port positions, and more is available upon request
  • Simple cartridge design can easily be integrated into custom manifold


  • Battery Cooling
  • Engine and compressor cooling system
  • Electronics system cooling
  • Heat Recovery
  • Hydraulic fluid cooling system
  • Hydraulic power unit (HPU)
  • Lubricating oil temperature control
  • Process control
  • Temperature mixing or diverting
  • Water saving applications