Mechanical seal support systems are typically needed for industrial pumps and other equipment with double mechanical seals that pump or mix hazardous substances. Seal support systems are designed to eliminate fluid or gas leakage and maximize sealing safety in pumps and mixers.

Mechanical seals are recommended for the following reasons:

  • Avoid process fluid leakage that can be expensive
  • Prevent pollution
  • Reduce power consumption
  • Equipment optimization
  • Avoid contamination

A mechanical seal allows complete control over the seal environment, including lubrication, temperature, and pressure. Mechanical seals that use water for cooling, lubrication, and cleaning without monitored or controlled water can result in hundreds of thousands of gallons of water wasted a year. For this reason, integrating a mechanical seal support system is crucial for plant savings.

The EcoFlow Mechanical Seal Water Support Valve is used on pumps with mechanical seals to monitor and control the seal flush water. This valve provides an optimum environment for the seal while drastically reducing water consumption and significantly increasing cost savings.

Compared to the traditional, manual control of seal water, EcoFlow® can typically save over 90% of water consumption. Since it is fully self-operating and requires no outside power to operate, EcoFlow® eliminates seal damage due to dry starts or an unregulated water supply. By discharging much less water to the drain, water treatment costs are also reduced and significantly reducing the burden on water treatment facilities.