As the North American Market Leader in Railroad Freeze Protection, ThermOmegaTech® has developed a variety of products for both locomotive and passenger cars.

The GURU® Plugs are installed on locomotive engine coolant water storage tanks, and water-cooled compressors to automatically monitor the water temperature. The plug’s thermal actuator will sense the water temperature and snap open when the engine is shut down and temperatures are close to freezing. This allows for the system to drain before freeze damage can occur. The plugs are completely mechanical and require no electrical or air connections to operate.

ThermOmegaTech® offers additional tools to be used with the GURU® plugs on locomotives.
The GURU® Flag and Clip and GURU® Flag and Key tools allow the refilling of the locomotive cooling system with cold water without tripping the GURU® valves.
The Compressor head cleaning tool is used to flush dirt and other foreign matter from the water-cooled compressor heads. If left un-cleaned, the cooling jacket in the head can become completely blocked by foreign matter.

The GURU PC® valves are self-contained and drain water-bearing systems in passenger cars automatically by monitoring ambient temperatures. When outside air temperatures are close to freezing, the valve will open to drain the tank before freeze damage can occur. The valve is completely mechanical and requires no power connection of any kind. It is NSF 61/372 certified and shock & vibration tested by a third party.

An optional plug-in heater assembly is available to quickly close the valve for refilling after a drain and restoration of car power. The heater is connected to available electric power and allows the passenger car to get back into service as soon as possible.