Steam tracing exposed pipes is the simplest way to keep them from freezing. Steam systems can provide excellent protection, but can also be very costly because of the winterization procedures and unregulated supply of steam.

Our steam control valves regulate the flow of steam, gas, or other fluid to keep your pipes working by sensing the ambient or surface temperature. These highly durable self-actuating valves will automatically turn off the steam whenever the ambient or surface temperature reaches the specified closing temperature.

  • TV/SC-A (Tube Valve/Steam Control-Ambient Sensing) valves can be used to turn on steam, air, gas or liquids in response to ambient temperature change.
  • US/S-X (Surface or Fluid-Sensing) or TV/US-X (Tube Valve Surface or Fluid-Sensing) valves regulate the flow of heating media in response to the process temperature or the pipe’s surface temperature change.
  • HAT or TV/HAT valves act as a steam trap and discharge condensate well below the steam temperature, eliminating live steam loss. For heating of temperature sensitive instruments or process fluids, the reduced temperature available for tracing simplifies operations and eliminates overheating problems.

In cooling applications, the reverse acting US/S-XR (Surface or Fluid-Sensing) or TV/US-XR (Tube Valve Surface or Fluid-Sensing) are placed in contact with the process line or pipe to regulate the flow of cooling media through a system.