In the Commercial Plumbing/HVAC, Industrial and Aerospace & Defense markets, there are many applications where a number of heating/cooling loads are being supplied by a single source of hot and/or cold water or other fluid. These loads all have the same temperature requirement. However, are typically at different distances away from the fluid source causing them to experience various heat losses as the fluid is pumped to their specific locations.

The fluid in these lines will migrate to the path of least resistance and starve the further loads from receiving the proper flow to offset the heat loss in their particular branch. To prevent this the system needs to be “balanced”.

This balancing has traditionally been done by flow devices such as manual balancing valves or constant flow valves. ThermOmegaTech® offers thermostatic valves that automatically modulate and regulate flow through a system in response to temperature variations to provide precise and uniform temperatures to all branches. It is a temperature device solving a temperature problem.

Thermostatic Balancing of Domestic Hot Water Recirculation Systems

Recirculating domestic hot water systems (DHWS) distribute hot water to point of use fixtures throughout a building. These systems need to be balanced to ensure immediate and continuous availability of hot water at every fixture.

CircuitSolver® is a thermostatic DHWS balancing valve that is installed at the end of each hot water supply branch. Self-actuating, this valve automatically and continuously adjusts flow to maintain the specified temperature at the fixtures. When the specified water temperature is satisfied the valve closes, allowing only a small bypass of flow to the return line. This constant low flow rate prevents dead-heading the recirculation pump.

Thermal Balancing of Cooling Equipment and Systems

Injection, rubber, and plastic molding equipment, die casting, and platen processes all require proper cooling to provide uniform temperatures and a consistent product quality. Different types of cooling towers and systems can be used for these applications, many of which have multiple cooling loads or zones that need to be balanced.

The HAT/RA-LP thermostatic valve can be used to dynamically regulate the cooling water, glycol, or other cooling media outlet temperature in these systems.

The thermal actuator in the valve continuously senses the fluid temperature. As the fluid temperature rises above the set point of the valve, the valve will modulate open allowing the cooling media to flow through it. When the desired fluid temperature is reached, the valve will modulate closed again. This process conserves water and improves consistency of product quality.