CircuitSolver Thermostatic Balancing Valve Website

The Problem

  1. Many buildings require multiple branches off the hot water supply line.
  2. Water flows to the path of least resistance.
  3. Hot water use is hyper-dynamic, so the path of least resistance constantly changes.
  4. Manual flow control valves cannot efficiently resolve these issues.

The Solution

Install a CircuitSolver® thermostatic balancing valve on each hot water supply branch line in a recirculation system immediately downstream of the last runout to a hot tap to guarantee hot water availability at any hot water fixture in your building regardless of demand usage.


The CircuitSolver Thermostatic Balancing Recirculation Valve constantly compensates for the fact that water always flows to the path of least resistance. As water use constantly changes throughout a building that path of least resistance also changes. By installing a CircuitSolver® immediately downstream of the last hot water fixture on each hot water branch line before it tees into the common hot water return line, the temperature of the hot water distribution system stays perfectly balanced, automatically.

CircuitSolver® opens when the water temperature drops below the set-point of the valves. This creates a path of least resistance inducing flow until the temperature reaches the valve’s set-point again, then the CircuitSolver® closes. The valve modulates based on temperature differential from set-point so there is never a sudden closing which could create a water hammer.

Since the valve movement is automatic, manual adjustment is not required. This eliminates the typical testing and balancing procedure that is needed to adjust valves that restrict flow based on pressure differential.

By allowing only fluid that cools below the valves’ set-point to flow to the return, CircuitSolver® valves minimize heat loss by reducing the average temperature and GPM of the return line. This eliminates the need for oversized recirculation pumps, reducing pipeline erosion and energy waste.

If you are adjusting pressure regulating valves for your pressure booster pumps in a multi-story building, be sure the hot water system is full of cold water. Then, all of the CircuitSolvers will be in the full open position.

Design Features

  • Self-actuating Thermoloid wax blend thermal actuator
  • Stainless-steel body and internal components
  • Tamper-proof – fixed set-point
  • Array of configurations
  • High Cv


  • Self-operating – no external source of power required
  • No manual balancing required
  • Hot water on-demand
  • Lower GPM flow in hot water return line eliminates the need to oversize recirculation pumps and minimizes erosion-corrosion problems caused by excessive velocity


For more information on CircuitSolver, visit our CircuitSolver website.