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ThermOmegaTech® designs and manufactures precision thermal fluid system solutions for the Aerospace & Defense Industry. Our self-actuating, thermostatic valve technology has demonstrated its effectiveness in diverse situations, where temperature control, size, reliability and repeatability are crucial. For this reason, ThermOmegaTech® has created an A&D Division focused on the self-powered thermal control needs specific to this industry. Visit our website for my information

We provide innovative thermostatic solutions proven highly reliable in a wide range of applications – thermal bypass, electronics cooling, airflow control, fluid temperature control, freeze protection, scald protection and other applications where temperature control is crucial to effective operations. In addition to our comprehensive catalog of standard products, we offer custom-design engineering services to satisfy unique project requirements.

We can make customizations to our existing products material, size, flow rates, number of inlets/outlets, and other optional features such as overrides. All new product development is supported by our on-site R&D services including prototype manufacturing and small batch runs for custom designs. We also can reverse engineer obsolete or single source parts for your projects if required.

Our advanced testing equipment and stringent quality produces allow us to maintain a high standard of quality control throughout every step of the production process, offering full part and lot traceability on components for your project when requested.  ThermOmegaTech® is certified to AS9100D – Aerospace Quality Management System demonstrating our focus on quality and meeting the stringent requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense organizations.

ThermOmegaTech’s products have been implemented into hundreds of systems throughout the Aerospace & Defense industry such as the Patriot missile system radar set, nitrogen generating carts for on-ground aircraft servicing, FMTV, and various other military tactical land vehicles. Our thermal actuators and cartridges have been implemented into designs for hydraulic fluid temperature control on self-propelled military tactical vehicles, electronics cooling on F-16 Fighting Falcon & SABR AESA radar, environmental temperature control on manned and unmanned spacecraft, and airflow control and liquid cooling on UAVs. Our freeze protection valves have been installed on cold water supply lines at dozens of Naval bases across the country and hundreds of our scald protection valves have been installed in commercial aircraft kitchen galleys.

Experts in phase-change technology and thermal actuator design, ThermOmegaTech® specializing in prototypes, integrated solutions, and highly engineered custom products, making us the ideal solution for rapid response and turnaround to meet your specific requirements.

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