Aerospace & Defense

ThermOmegaTech® offers innovative solutions to the Aerospace, Defense, and Commercial markets in the areas of freeze protection, scald protection, electronics cooling, mixing and diverting fluids, thermal based permissives, and countless other possibilities. We specialize in the manufacturing of thermal actuators that can be used for various applications in one of our current products or a customize design.

ThermOmegaTech® prides itself on the high-quality R&D capabilities, manufacturing process, and innovative engineering services used to build and manufacture self-actuated valves and specialty products for mechanical and electrical technologies and integrated solutions.

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Engineering Capabilities

  • Engineers (12) mechanical & electrical
  • Solidworks – 3D CAD design
  • Solidworks – Flow simulation package
  • OrCAD/Cadence Electronics Design S/W
  • Microsoft Project
  • Model shop
  • Multi-purpose test stand
  • Electronics lab
  • 3D printing

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • CNC turning & milling centers
  • Thermostatic actuator lab
  • CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine)
  • Preactor scheduling S/W
  • MasterCAM programming S/W
  • Custom data logging S/W
  • Test baths (qty 18) – aqueous & hi temp oil
  • Environmental chambers (qty 3)
  • Multi-station automated test stand
  • Lean journey – ongoing, over 5 years

Quality Assurance Statement and Certification

ThermOmegaTech® is ISO 9001:2008 and working towards AS 9001

Our company invests in the latest technology and processes to ensure our standard and custom products meet our design, quality, safety, environmental standards and specifications. Our quality assurance system is data driven and audited continually. Quality and continuous improvement, through our Lean Initiatives, is integral to our way of life always striving for 100% Customer Satisfaction.


  • Scald protection for commercial airplane galleys
  • Diverting fluid to a cooling or heating mechanism when temperature becomes excessive
  • Electronics cooling
  • Freeze protection for airplane lavatories
  • Actuators applied to mechanisms for various temperature applications
  • Linear (heated) Actuator – force/stroke
  • Freeze protection for cold water supply lines
  • Thermal based permissives / latching mechanism
  • Electro-mechanical solenoid replacement in various temperature control applications
  • Fluid mixing applications based on temperature
  • Pump seal over temperature relief
  • Equipment enclosure temperature control