Thermostatic Temperature Control Valves

Our Technology

At the heart of each of our valves is a paraffin wax actuator, an “engine” that phase changes from solid to liquid, liquid to solid, in response to temperature variations. This produces a defined and repeatable valve modulation, allowing for precise thermal control based solely on temperature.

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For Industrial

Thermostatic Control Valve

Our thermostatic temperature control valves are used in many industries to keep processes and facilities operating at peak performance.

Popular applications include freeze and scald protection, tepid water, washdown, steam tracing control, mixing, diverting, and more.

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For Railroad

Thermal Control Valve

The Guru®, our flagship line of railroad freeze protection valves, protects locomotives and passenger car trains from freeze damage each winter.

The Guru® is trusted by all Class 1s and major North American railroad operators to protect their equipment.

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For Plumbing

Temperature Control Valves

Our plumbing products include CircuitSolver®, the world’s first thermostatic DHWS balancing valve, drain tempering valves, tepid water, and more.

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For Aerospace & Defense

Thermostatic Temperature Control Valve

From fighter jets and tanks to naval bases and FMTVs, our thermal actuator technology is used in a variety of applications where precise temperature control is critical to mission success.

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Case Studies

Our valves are used in applications in railroad, plumbing, aerospace & defense, and industrial markets in thousands of projects and products each year – ranging from fighter jets to dishwashers and just about everything in between.

Read our case studies to see where our valves are, what they do, and what our customers say about us!

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Testimonial 11

A typical steam tracing system using ThermOmegaTech’s® thermostatic steam trap valves can expect to save at least $354 per valve, per year.

Electric vs. Steam Tracing Case Study

Testimonial 10

After the successful CircuitSolver® installation, St. Elizabeth Healthcare Edgewood now has access to an on demand hot water supply in all wings, on every floor, at every fixture.

CircuitSolver® installation, St. Elizabeth Healthcare Edgewood

Testimonial 9

Hot water is now available throughout the entire main pavilion on demand.

CircuitSolver® installation, The University Institute of Mental Health (IUSMQ)

Testimonial 8

Soon after startup, the facility was supplied with hot water throughout the building without any balancing procedures.

CircuitSolver® installation, Inspira Health

Testimonial 7

The system is efficiently delivering hot water to over 70 fixtures, of which include showers, sinks, safety showers and mop basins.

CircuitSolver® installation, Berks Center for Digestive Health

Testimonial 6

Residents are more than pleased with hot water delivery times after the installation. Units with wait times of multiple minutes saw a dramatic reduction, fixtures now reached proper temperature in 20-30 seconds.

CircuitSolver® installation, The Austonia

Testimonial 5

After testing a preliminary unit for more than a year, the regional rail operator installed 186 1” GURU PC®’s with heater assemblies […] and the project manager commented that since the installation there have been no freeze-ups.

Guru PC® Installation, Chicago Area Commuter Regional Rail Operator

Testimonial 4

The Therm-O-Mix® Station was selected […] to promote overall conformity of safety equipment and procedures. Installation of 26 integrated units is currently underway at the facility and will be completed by the end of 2019.”

Therm-O-Mix Installation, Canadian Chemical Production Facility

Testimonial 3

ThermOmegaTech‘s engineers worked one-on-one with the customer, overcoming roadblocks to design a solution that satisfied all the project’s requirements […] After successful prototype testing, the customer implemented this custom thermal bypass valve into hundreds of military vehicles.

Custom Designed Hydraulic Thermal Bypass Valve

Testimonial 2

We could not use a seal before because we could not allow more than a couple gallons an hour of water to the drain. Your valve dramatically decreases the water usage and as a result reduces the amount we send to drain.

EcoFlow Installation, Major US Sugar Producer

Testimonial 1

We needed consistent hot water for sanitation and we really liked the cartridge technology. The washdown stations were easy to install and run effectively.

STVM® Washdown Station Installation, Dave Treuthardt, Wisconsin Cheese Group
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