ThermOmegaTech’s line of GURU Valves are self-operating, thermostatic drain valves that protect locomotives and passenger cars from freeze damage—protecting your investment and keeping your equipment safe.

Increase the uptime of locomotives and passenger cars with the most advanced, reliable and compact self-contained vales. ThermOmegaTech’s GURU valves prevent water lines from freezing before any damage can occur.

The GURU® PC ¾” and 1″ valves are self-contained and drain water bearing systems automatically before freeze damage can occur by monitoring ambient temperatures. Completely mechanical, with no outside power required, its high flow design allows for rapid draining, eliminating costly freeze damage. With an available plug-in heater option, it allows for quick refilling of the water system to get the passenger car back into service as soon as possible.

The GURU® DL2.1 and Magnum locomotive valves are water-sensing, self-operating thermostatic drain valves that respond to engine coolant temperature. When the locomotive is shut down and cooling water reaches the temperature set point of the valve, the plug will snap open draining the locomotive cooling system before any freeze damage occurs.