1″ GURU PC® with Heater Assembly

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SKU: GURU PC® Series 451 (1") Heater Series 455 (120VAC/74VDC) Heater Series 456 (230VAC)

Product Description

1″ GURU PC® with Heater Assembly Product Sheet
1″ GURU PC® with Heater Assembly Installation and Maintenance Instructions


  • Eliminates costly freeze damage in passenger cars
  • Easy installation
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • High flow design for rapid draining
  • NSF 61/372 certified by a third party
  • Shock  & Vibration tested by a third party

Design Features

  • Low lead brass/bronze
  • Self-operating valve
  • Dual port seals
  • No power or air required when used without heater
  • Inline serviceable

Optional Heater Assembly Features

  • 2 LED lights for easy visual check of power and heater
  • Self-limiting heater
  • No moving parts to wear
  • Minimal electrical noise
  • Easy installation/removal with one hand or glove
  • Heaters available: 120VAC/74VDC & 230 VAC


The 1″ GURU PC® with Heater Assembly valve is self-contained and drains water bearing systems automatically before freeze damage can occur by monitoring ambient temperatures. Freezing conditions, which put water tanks and piping at risk for freeze damage, occur when the car heat is turned off for switching locomotives or even brief layovers. The heater assembly can be hard-wired into the car’s main power system, no other air connections are required.

Freeze protection valves placed in equipment cabinets tend to be colder than the heated passenger areas and do not heat up quickly when the car heat is turned on again. This can significantly delay the ability to refill the water systems and get the car back into service after a valve activation. The heater assembly allows the valve to heat up and close quickly as soon as car heat is again turned on. This allows refilling of the water system and getting the passenger car back into service as quickly as possible.