HCX Washdown Station

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Product Description

HCX Hot & Cold Water Mixing Washdown Station

HCX Washdown Station Product Sheet
HCX Washdown Station Installation and Maintenance Instructions

The HCX (Hot/Cold Water Mixing) Station combines simplicity and cost effectiveness with the reliability and safety inherent in all ThermOmegaTech® washdown stations. The HCX station uses individual globe valves to mix hot and cold water to the desired proportion with the outlet temperature clearly displayed on the integrated, easy to read temperature gauge.

The HCX Washdown Station is available in stainless steel or brass/bronze construction and can be ordered with our exclusive SmartFlow feature. This thermostatically controlled in-line safety shutoff valve (shown inset) will shut down flow should the outlet exceed the specified shut off temperature. Available shut off temperatures are 125°F, 135°F, 145°F. This unit is not designed for steam service. Please refer to our STVM® Washdown Station product sheet for steam and water mixing applications.


Maximum Water Pressure 150 PSIG
Maximum Water Inlet Temperature 200°F (93.3°C)
Approximate weight (w/o hose & gun) 11.3 lbs. (5.13Kg)

Sizes and Pipe Connections

Mixing Station Hose Gun
¾” NPT inlets and outlet ¾” NPT (male) swivel x ½” NPT (male) swivel ½” NPT (male)

HCX Washdown - HCX Hot & Cold Water Mixing Washdown StationHCX Hot & Cold Water Mixing Washdown Station