STVM® Steam and Water Mixing Valve Cartridge Assembly

Steam Water Mixing Valve Cartridge

A steam and water mixing valve creates hot water when cold water enters the valve and moves from the inside out, while incoming steam moves from the outside in. Mixing occurs as the two flows collide, thoroughly combining and heating the water to the desired temperature.

Because of the unique mixing characteristics inside the STVM® steam mixing valve, it is capable of mixing steam and water without the usual noise and vibration associated with other types of mixers, eliminating operator stress, and making it ideal for workplace environments.

The unique flow characteristics of the vortices inside the valve create a scouring action that minimizes the effects of mineral deposits on the valve, assuring increased service life even under adverse conditions. As a safety feature, the thermal actuator in the valve outlet is designed to turn off the steam flow into the valve if the cold water flow into the valve is interrupted.

The STVM® cartridge for our STVM® industrial steam water mixing valves can be replaced in an installed station in minutes by simply unscrewing the cartridge with a standard wrench and inserting the new one. The used cartridge can then be cleaned by emerging it in a descaling solution, inspected, and reused.

This allows easy cleaning and service without removing the station from its installed location in food processing and other industrial facilities. The impact of production downtime can severely affect your bottom line. To maximize your uptime, be sure to have a spare STVM® cartridge assembly readily available to keep your operation running smoothly.

See the STVM® Washdown Station for information on our complete station.

Design Features

  • Exclusive self-actuating Thermoloid® wax blend thermal actuator
  • Easily interchangeable cartridge with a single moving element
  • Corrosion-resistant – long service life
  • Designed to minimize scaling
  • Available in stainless steel or brass construction


  • Simplifies installation and maintenance procedures
  • Minimizes downtime by allowing you to service the station in the field
  • Reduced noise
  • Can be cleaned and reused





Valve cartridge assembly (150ºF (65.6°C)) Brass/Bronze


Valve cartridge assembly (185ºF (85°C)) Brass/Bronze


Valve cartridge assembly (150ºF (65.6°C)) Stainless Steel


Valve cartridge assembly (185ºF (85°C)) Stainless Steel