Therm-O-Mix® Station WWM

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Product Description

Therm-O-Mix® WWM is an instantaneous and reliable source of tepid water for a safety shower/eyewash system using the existing hot and cold water supply.

Therm-O-Mix® Station WWM Product Sheet
Therm-O-Mix® Station WWM Installation and Maintenance Instructions
Therm-O-Mix® Station WWM Troubleshooting Manual

The Problem

Conventional mixing valves are unsuitable for providing tepid water at safety shower/eyewash stations. Conventional mixing valves shutoff entirely if either the hot or cold water supply is interrupted. This is dangerous and unacceptable for safety shower/eyewash stations where cold water must be available under all circumstances. To meet OSHA and ANSI recommendations  it is required to have a system which can respond safely to both hot water and cold water supply failures.

The Solution

The Therm-O-Mix® Station WWM, Is composed of a WM-1 mixing valve acting in concert with its unique PWM-1 pressure sensing controller.  This controller assures  cold water will flow to the shower and eyewash stations even if no hot water is available (provided the cold water supply is not shut off elsewhere in the system).This is accomplished using self-operating controls with no electricity nor air required.


After water flow is activated at the shower or eyewash, the outlet water temperature will reach 85°F(29°C) when hot water arrives at the mixing valve. The mixing valve then blends the hot and cold water to produce an output of 85°F(29°C) water.


  • All components are in-line serviceable
  • Easy to retrofit on existing shower or combination shower/eyewash stations
  • Maintains constant 85°F (29°C) output
  • All self-operating controllers – no power required
  • Utilizes existing hot and cold water supply
  • Optional durable, all weather version in high visibility LDPE enclosure available

Design Features

  • Cv = 10.0
  • Conforms to OSHA and ANSI recommendations
  • Provides 85°F (29°C) tepid water from 3 GPM (11.4 L/min) to 25 GPM (113.7 L/min) with water inlet pressure of at least  40 PSIG (2.8 BAR). At 50 GPM (189.3 L/min) pressure drop is 25 PSIG (1.7 BAR) therefore with water inlet pressure of at least 60 PSIG (4.1 BAR) this unit is capable of enough flow for two combination shower/eyewash stations running simultaneously.
  • Compact, lightweight (under 15 lbs/6 kg) design easily supported by piping connections