Turning Machine-Thermostatic-Temperature-Control-Valves

ThermOmegaTech is a leading manufacturer of thermostatic temperature control valves for industrial applications. A paraffin wax actuator filled with our proprietary Thermoloid® material is at the heart of each valve. Each actuator is blended to give a controlled volume change and, hence, known stroke response within a narrow temperature variation range.

Our temperature control valves are used in countless applications for cooling/heating fluid control, pump thermal relief, thermostatic balancing, steam tracing control, thermal protection, tepid water delivery, and more!


Self-Actuating: Requires no electric power source – ideal for explosion-proof environments
Maintenance-Free: No periodic calibration or service requirements
Simplistic Design: Increases service life and minimizes part failure
High Power to Size and Weight Ratio: Small, light-weight designs
Extensive Temperatures Range: Operating temperatures from 35°F to 210°F (1.7°C to 98.9°C)

We also offer thermostatic temperature control valves for a multitude of industries, including Aerospace & Defense, Industrial, Railroad, and Commercial Plumbing.

Experts in phase-change technology and thermal actuator design, we have the capabilities and resources to customize designs to your project’s specific needs while ensuring rapid responses and an individualized customer service experience.

Automatically Control Your Temperatures

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