Testimonial 11

A typical steam tracing system using ThermOmegaTech’s® thermostatic steam trap valves can expect to save at least $354 per valve, per year.

Testimonial 10

After the successful CircuitSolver® installation, St. Elizabeth Healthcare Edgewood now has access to an on demand hot water supply in all wings, on every floor, at every fixture.

Testimonial 9

Hot water is now available throughout the entire main pavilion on demand.

Testimonial 8

Soon after startup, the facility was supplied with hot water throughout the building without any balancing procedures.

Testimonial 7

The system is efficiently delivering hot water to over 70 fixtures, of which include showers, sinks, safety showers and mop basins.

Testimonial 6

Residents are more than pleased with hot water delivery times after the installation. Units with wait times of multiple minutes saw a dramatic reduction, fixtures now reached proper temperature in 20-30 seconds.

Testimonial 5

After testing a preliminary unit for more than a year, the regional rail operator installed 186 1” GURU PC®’s with heater assemblies […] and the project manager commented that since the installation there have been no freeze-ups.

Testimonial 4

The Therm-O-Mix® Station was selected […] to promote overall conformity of safety equipment and procedures. Installation of 26 integrated units is currently underway at the facility and will be completed by the end of 2019.”

Testimonial 3

ThermOmegaTech‘s engineers worked one-on-one with the customer, overcoming roadblocks to design a solution that satisfied all the project’s requirements […] After successful prototype testing, the customer implemented this custom thermal bypass valve into hundreds of military vehicles.

Testimonial 2

We could not use a seal before because we could not allow more than a couple gallons an hour of water to the drain. Your valve dramatically decreases the water usage and as a result reduces the amount we send to drain.

Testimonial 1

We needed consistent hot water for sanitation and we really liked the cartridge technology. The washdown stations were easy to install and run effectively.