ThermOmegaTech’s 3-way Mixing and Diverting Valves (M/D) have internal port switching devices that automatically mix or divert fluids in proportion to temperature in any fluid system. These valves can operate as thermal bypass valves(TBV) to modulate fluid temperature as they divert return flow through a cooler or heater, or bypass to a reservoir or to a bypass loop when fluid temperatures are satisfied. This action assures rapid system warm-up, accurate control of fluid temperature, and reduced back pressure in the return. In diverting or bypass mode these valves control to a constant fluid outlet temperature. In mixing mode the valves control to a constant fluid inlet temperature.

These valves are available standard in bronze and stainless steel housings with NPT sizes from 1/2″ to 2″. Customized temperature, materials, and port positions available upon request. Adjustable and pre-calibrated models are also available.

In mixing applications, the M/D’s will proportion the flow from two inlet ports to produce the desired outlet port temperature.

In diverting applications, the M/D’s will divert or switch the inlet flow to either of the two outlet ports depending on fluid temperature.