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Notes: See product sheet for available sizes and temperatures.

Product Description

Click here for TV/HAT (Tube Valve Heat Actuated Trap) product sheet
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TV/HAT valve responds only to temperature. After condensate forms and cools to near the setpoint, the TV/HAT valve modulates the flow to maintain a constant condensate discharge temperature. TV/HAT valves are wide open at start-up for rapid venting and initial heat-up. TV/HAT valves are self-draining after shutdown, to eliminate freeze damage. For heating of temperature sensitive instruments or process fluids, the reduced temperature available for tracing simplifies operations and eliminates overheating problems. For other heat transfer fluids, TV/HAT valves maintain a constant discharge temperature, thus providing benefits of accurate process temperature control and improved efficiency.


TV/HAT valves are ideal for use in conjunction with tracer tubing and tracing systems using pre-traced tubing bundles. These versatile valves are compatible and are made to be used in combination with the ThermOmegaTech TV series valves as well as standard tubing and tubing fittings. ThermOmegaTech TV/HAT valves are ideal for replacing conventional steam traps on winterization tracing, instrument tracing, condensate return system freeze protection, tracing for processes under 150°F (65°C), and other applications requiring in-line flow control based on temperature.


  • Eliminates live steam losses
  • Downstream actuator for greater sensitivity
  • Unaffected by pressure variations
  • Wide choice of set points
  • Operates in any position

Design Features

  • Compact, low mass for fast response
  • Corrosion resistant – Long service life
  • Stainless steel body, fittings, spring and plug
  • Ram-type plug for tight reliable shutoff
  • Operates in narrow temperature band
  • Easy to install