No Power - No Problem - Mechanical Freeze Protection for Your Potable Water Systems

Freeze Protection for Passenger Trains

During cold weather, passenger trains with potable water-bearing systems for kitchen galleys and sanitary systems are susceptible to burst piping and frozen tanks. Freezing conditions, which put water tanks and piping at risk for freeze damage, occur when the car heat is turned off for switching locomotives or even brief layovers.

Designed by the GURU® you trust, the self-powered GURU PC® valve provides freeze protection for passenger trains toilets, sinks, and cafés’ water systems.

The valve is installed at the lowest point of the system to monitor the ambient temperature and drain the tanks before any freeze damage can occur. Once the train is restarted and heat is restored, the GURU PC® modulates closed and the potable water system can be refilled.


    • Self-powered valve – no electric or air connections required
    • High flow design for rapid draining
    • Easy installation
    • NSF 61/372 certified & Shock & Vibration tested
    • Complies with fire safety requirements under Title 49, Chapter II, Part 238.103
    • Heaters available: 120VAC/74VDC & 230 VAC

The valve is completely mechanical, no electrical or air connections are required; however, an electric heater assembly is available to quickly heat up and close the valve to refill the system after a drain occurrence so the train can promptly return to service.

Guarantee Passenger Train Freeze Protection

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