Control Temperature-Protect Instruments

ThermOmegaTech® offers a variety of temperature control valves that protect expensive and delicate analyzers and other instruments from over or under temperature damage.


  • Self-Actuating-requires no outside power
  • Maintains optimal process temperature
  • Protects instrumentation and other equipment
  • Eliminates steam or fluid waste
  • Quick and easy to install

If sample temperatures get too hot, our high-temperature shut-off valves, HST & TV/HAT, will protect downstream analyzers, instruments, and personnel.

For heating or cooling applications, our TVSC, USS, & ITCH valves can be used to turn on steam, air, gas, or liquids in response to either ambient or surface temperature changes.


  • Instrument enclosure temperature control
  • Steam tracing
  • Sample cooler temperature control
  • Process temperature control

Ensure Your Equipment is Operating at the Optimal Temperature.

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