Winterize Your Fleet with Locomotive & Passenger Car Freeze Protection Drain Valves

Freeze Protection Drain Valves

Attention all railroad operators – the freeze season is rapidly approaching! Get your rail vehicles protected with freeze protection drain valves.

Locomotives and passenger train cars are at risk of freezing whenever temperatures drop below freezing, which will happen before you know it. To prevent expensive damage and lengthy repairs, make sure to get ahead of your winterization procedures to ensure a freeze-free winter.

Of course, no winterization procedure is complete without a reliable freeze protection drain valve, and none are more trusted to prevent freeze damage than the GURU line of thermostatic valves.

See the complete list of freeze protection drain valves here.

Freeze Protection Drain Valves For Your Railroad Vehicles

Stay ahead of cold weather and protect your fleet with a freeze protection solution that will keep your vehicles running on time all winter long.

The GURU PC® For Passenger Cars

The GURU PC® is a self-operating, thermostatic freeze protection valve specifically designed to protect passenger car potable water-bearing systems from freezing whenever the car’s heating system is turned off.

The GURU® For Locomotives 

The GURU® Plug is designed to constantly monitor water temperature and automatically snap open to drain a diesel locomotive’s engine cooling system if the temperature drops close to freezing.

The Trusted Solution Since 1983

ThermOmegaTech’s tried-and-true GURU line of railroad freeze protection valves have been protecting railroad operators from freeze damage since 1983.

Trusted by all North American Class 1’s to protect their assets each winter, the GURU is the preferred choice of freeze protection valves that keep trains running on time all winter long.

ThermOmegaTech recommends getting an early start to your railroad winterization procedures as temperatures often drop quicker than anticipated, and having a freeze protection plan in place will guarantee a freeze-free winter.

Don’t wait until the last minute to prepare – contact ThermOmegaTech to get your fleet winterized today!