TOOL: How Many More Days Below 32°F

Watch Your Climate: Protect Your Locomotive Fleet

Locomotive Fleet

Winter is well upon us, and it’s here to stay. While most operators complete their winterization procedures well ahead of freezing temperatures, for those experiencing freeze-ups or in need of a few extra Gurus to keep their fleet running, we invite you to visit our Locomotive Freeze Protection and Passenger Car Freeze Protection page to learn about our reliable & self-actuating railroad freeze protection products.

If you are wondering when to expect warmer weather to thaw out your corner of the country and banish the dangers of freezing temperatures, use the national climate checker tool below.

Climate Checker

Click here and trace the blue line to learn when temperatures will drop below freezing, and when you can expect daisies to start blooming. For railroad protection, the temperature at which your locomotives and passenger trains will freeze is at 32°F, and these temperatures can last well into March in some regions.

Looking to Upgrade Your Freeze Protection?

Fit out your fleet with ThermOmegaTech’s locomotive and passenger car freeze protection drain valves. These valves are proven to perform, even in the most brisk winter weather. Trusted by all the Class 1s and major North American railroad operators, you can rest assured that your trains will be protected and on time all winter long.