Wisconsin Cheese Group Increased Uptime with STVM Washdown Stations

Wisconsin Cheese Group, LLC., is a manufacturer and distributor of Hispanic cheeses located in Monroe, Wisconsin. Operated by more than 30 employees, the facility identified a need for process sanitizing washdown stations.

For production facilities everywhere, time is money. Lines need to keep moving, batches completed, and deadlines met. The brief pause in the choreographed movements of people, parts, and products to sanitize equipment must be minimized to stay on track. Employees cannot be waiting around for water to warm up or for routine maintenance to be completed.

Wisconsin Cheese Group chose ThermOmegaTech’s STVM® Steam & Water Washdown StationWashdown Station to satisfy the plant’s need for consistent availability of high-temperature water. The STVM® Washdown Station delivers a high-temperature wash at a user-defined temperature using ThermOmegaTech’s proprietary mixing valve to combine steam and water. The mixing valve’s design is self-scouring, preventing mineral buildup in tight spaces and reducing maintenance frequency.

To minimize downtime during routine maintenance, the STVM® Washdown Station has a simple cartridge design and is in-line serviceable. The operator can simply switch out the cartridge with a spare, and the unit will be operating again in minutes.

The facility installed 12 STVM® Washdown Stations and has reported positive feedback. “We needed consistent hot water for sanitation, and we really liked the cartridge technology,” Dave Treuthardt of Wisconsin Cheese Group commented. “The washdown stations were easy to install and run effectively, leading to increased production time.”

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