Compressor Head Cleaning Tool


Water-cooled compressor heads on locomotives are known to accumulate dirt and other foreign matter which eventually reduces the compressor’s efficiency. If left un-cleaned, the cooling jacket in the head can become completely blocked by foreign matter, which is why a compressor head cleaning tool is needed.

Install a ball valve shut-off valve at the end of a pressurized water source and hose. Using a thin head 7/8” wrench (available in a kit) against the wrench flats on the nose of the CHCT cleaning tool to hold against rotation, tighten the hose to the cleaning tool. The inlet threads to the tool are 3/8” NPT male pipe thread.

With the engine, off (no water pressure in the cooling system), remove the GURU® CH or CHS freeze protection cartridge by turning counterclockwise about one-third turn. Insert the cleaning tool into the GURU® CH or CHS body by pushing inward and turning one-third turn clockwise.

Open a valve downstream of the compressor head which will allow the cleaning water and dirt to be flushed out of the system. Open the water supply shutoff valve to allow the water jets of the cleaning tool to clean the compressor head.

After the cleaning is completed, turn off the water by closing the shutoff valve, remove the cleaning tool by rotating counterclockwise about one-third turn, and replace the GURU® Plug cartridge to maintain freeze protection. Close the drain valve used to discharge the dirt from the system prior to refilling with cooling water.

Design Features

  • All components are stainless steel for corrosion resistance and durability
  • Cleaning tool fits into standard DL2.1 GURU® Plug Type CH flanged body and CHS
  • Provides four water jets to clean out the compressor head cooling jacket


  • Clears compressor heads of dirt and foreign matter
  • Quickly cleans water-cooled compressor heads
  • Protects cooling jacket from blockage
  • Connects to any water source for cleaning