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SKU: 713 Series (3/8") 714 Series (1/2")

Notes: See product sheet for available sizes and open temperatures.

Product Description

TV/SC-A Product Sheet
TV/SC-A Installation and Maintenance Instructions
Benefits of Thermostatic Steam Control

Number of Outlets: Single Outlet
Type of Fittings for TV/SC-A: Parker or Swagelok
Type of Extension: Stainless Steel


  • Economically controls fluid flow
  • Reduces operating and labor costs associated with winterization procedures
  • No outside power source required
  • Eliminates steam waste in tracing
  • Standard tube connections for quick and easy installation

Design Features

  • Narrow temperature band
  • Compact low mass for fast response
  • Ram-type plug for reliable shut-off
  • Unaffected by pressure variations
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Compatible with standard tubing and connections
  • Long service life
  • Large flow coefficient (Cv)
  • Direct acting (no pilot valve)


A thermostatic element located at one end of the TV/SC-A (thermally isolated from the body of the valve), will open or close within a 10°F (5.6°C) differential (e.g. 35°-45°F, etc.) and control the flow of steam, gas, or fluid through the valve based on ambient temperature. The TV/SC-A opens on falling temperature.


There are literally hundreds of applications for these compact, self-contained, automatic control valves. These ambient sensing valves can be used to turn on steam, air, gas or liquids compatible with Teflon® and stainless steel, in response to ambient temperature change. Some applications include automation of steam trace lines, operation of pneumatically operated pumps for injection of antifreeze liquids and instrument enclosure control. In cooling applications, the reverse-acting TV/SC-AR can be used to regulate the flow of glycol, water or other cooling media; or can automate cooling sprinklers and cooling baths, etc…