ITCH Assembly

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Product Description

ITCH Assembly Product Sheet
ITCH Assembly Installation and Maintenance Instructions


  • Maintain enclosure temperature accurately over a wide range of ambient temperatures
  • Eliminates danger of overheating
  • No outside power required, self-operating, eliminating explosion hazard.
  • Economically controls steam flow
  • Complete kit for quick and easy installation
  • Operating temperatures unaffected by variable inlet pressures

Design Features

  • Compact, low mass – Fast response
  • Corrosion resistant – Long service life
  • All stainless steel body, fittings, spring & plug
  • Ram-type plug for reliable tight shutoff
  • Direct acting (no pilot valve)
  • Operating temperatures unaffected by pressure


A thermostatic element located at one extreme of the TV/SC-A valve portion of the ITCH Heater Assembly regulates the steam supply to the heater coil to accurately maintain the desired temperature, operating like the thermostat in an oven. The TV/HAT at the valve inlet keeps the steam supply hot right up to the valve. Heat radiating from the steam coil heater reaches the actuator causing it to quickly close the steam supply when the desired temperature is reached, regardless of ambient.

In cooling applications, the TV/SC-AR opens on rising temperature to regulate the flow of cooling media to the enclosure. The TV/HAT at the outlet of the steam coil regulates outflow based on the condensate temperature for maximum economy.

The ITCH Heater Assembly comes complete with steam coil, mounting bracket and TV/SC-A valve assembly, two TV/HAT valves and two weather-tight bulkhead fittings for 3/8 tubing connections. TV/SC-A and TV/SC-I valves (with external connections) are also available separately.


The ITCH Assembly assures accurate temperature control in an instrument or analyzer enclosure. It will maintain enclosure temperature accurately over a wide range of ambient temperatures with steam supply pressures from 15 psig (1 bar) to 200 psig (13.8 bar) without danger of overheating delicate instruments. No special NEMA-7 or 9 housings are required even in potentially explosive environments. This self-contained unit provides a reliable, economical alternative to costly, hazardous electric heating.