In the News: ThermOmegaTech Featured in Safety+Health on Power Outages and Safety Showers

Industrial Sales Manager, Alexis Rose, was featured in Safety+Health magazine addressing how a facility can plan ahead for extreme weather events to keep safety showers and face/eyewash stations supplied with tepid water.

“Alexis Rose, Sales Manager, ThermOmegaTech – Extreme weather events can be unpredictable at times, leaving businesses with little time to prepare for high winds, record precipitation, and a host of other complications. Keeping employees safe during high-risk weather events is crucial. Still, it can quickly become difficult should a power interruption cut off tepid water supplies to emergency safety showers and face/eyewash stations in part or all of a facility.”

“To avoid the risk of safety stations being rendered useless during a weather event because of a partial or total power outage, facilities should consider implementing a tepid water supply system that isn’t reliant on electricity and instead operates mechanically.”

“These systems use mixing valves to combine a facility’s current supply of steam or hot and cold water to produce an OSHA-compliant stream of tepid water. Once the emergency safety shower or face/eyewash station is activated, the resulting pressure drop opens steam and cold-water supply control valves to establish flow and combine the steam and cold water before delivering it to the connected safety station. These tepid water supply systems work quickly and have over-temperature settings for increased employee safety.”

Rose says, “By implementing a partially or fully mechanically operated tepid water delivery system, facilities are prepared for any extreme weather event that may render the local power grid inert for hours or even days at a time. Although many facilities have backup generators on hand, the crucial time it takes to switch between the two sources could be enough for a disaster to arise if not adequately planned for ahead of time.”

Check out the full article here.