Magnum GURU®

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Product Description

Magnum GURU® Type-T 35°F
Magnum GURU® Type-T 40°F

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Standard 35°F or 40°F setpoint temperature.


  • Locomotive engine cooling systems
  • Stand-by diesel heating circulators
  • Back up protection in event of shutdown
  • On-board tanks and piping


The Magnum GURU® Plug is a higher discharge capacity version of the standard GURU® Plug. The Magnum GURU® Plug is a self-operating thermostatic drain valve that responds to engine coolant temperature and will pop open and drain when coolant reaches the setpoint (35°F or 40°F). This provides almost a full 1.2 inch bore to rapidly drain a locomotive before freeze damage can occur.

Resetting and rearming the Magnum GURU® Plug is easily accomplished by simply reheating the cartridge and utilizing the slotted actuator feature with the GURU® Flag and Clip tool. This feature prevents the GURU® Plug from triggering open again while refilling the cooling system with cold water.


  • Drains twice as fast as the standard GURU® Plug
  • Will not trip or dump while locomotive is running
  • Straight SAE threads and O-ring seals provide for easy field maintenance and testing
  • Easy installation
  • Completely mechanical – No electrical or air connections
  • Not affected by air flow or air temperature surrounding valve – releases only when cooling water reaches setpoint
  • Easy system refill
  • Models available to convert existing freeze protection
  • Slotted actuator feature prevents nuisance dumps when refilling cooling system with cold water.
  • Unit automatically rearms after filling and reheating Actuator sensing surface is the only wetted part

Design Features

  • Actuator sensing surface is the only wetted part
  • Design excludes cooling water chemicals and other debris from moving parts
  • Long service life: All moving parts are stainless steel
  • Available in modified 1-1/4” NPT tee or flanged tee body styles
  • Paint mask minimizes accidental paint-ins
  • Knob on cartridge for easy installation and removal even in awkward locations

Magnum GURU® valves are covered by a one-year warranty