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Product Description


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The TV/US-X and TV/US-XR valves’ Thermoloid® sensor/controller element may be placed in contact with the process line or pipe with the optional band-o-let fitting, or in the line with the integral 3/4 NPT bushing. This allows the temperature element to be in contact with the process to control the valve and regulate the inflow of heating media (or cooling media with the TV/US-XR). Input temperatures or steam supply can vary widely, but the control temperature is maintained within desired limits.


These compact self-contained control valves can maintain very tight temperature control of any number of control loops using steam, liquid phase heat transfer media such as Dowtherm®, hot water, hot oil, glycol, compressed air, etc. In general they can be used whenever accurate but low cost control is required. The reverse acting model, TV/US-XR can be used to control cooling media to economically remove heat from equipment or a process. Controlling air flow to a vortex cooling device is a common application. Another common application is use of the TV/US-XR to control cooling media flow to a sample cooler in response to sample temperature. Sample heating applications are commonly controlled by the TV/US-X.

Design Features

  • All stainless steel construction
  • Exclusive Thermoloid® sensor/controller
  • Narrow temperature band
  • Compact low mass – fast response
  • Ram-type plug for reliable shut off
  • Unaffected by pressure variations