Pump thermal relief valves are essential in booster pumps, fire pumps and any high-pressure water pump to regulate the flow of glycol, water or any other media in applications that require heat removal from equipment or a process. Thermal relief protects pumps and pump seals from over-temperature damage and scalding temperatures being distributed to users.

Booster pumps are used in various applications to boost water pressure and improve flow rate through pipelines. Booster pumps are used in homes and commercial buildings that may not get enough water supply from the city and need to increase pressure and flow throughout the entire building. In hotels or building with several floors, the water flow may not be strong enough to reach the higher levels, so installing a booster pump will allow a higher-pressure flow to the top story.

Booster pumps are also used in industrial appliances or equipment that require a large amount of water at a higher pressure. However, if the pressure is too high, it can destroy plumbing, fittings, and appliances which is why the pressure needs to be monitored and controlled to maintain optimal  water pressure.

Cold water supply pumps must be sized for maximum demand while maintaining the correct pressure throughout the building even though, most of the time, the pumps are not actively pumping that kind of capacity. When the water demand in the building is less than the maximum demand, the pump is running on an inefficient portion of the pump curve and the excess pump energy goes into heating the water inside the pump. If the temperature inside the pump casing gets too hot the result can be damaged seals or even more serious pump damage.

Another concern of the high temperature water inside the pumps is the exposure to humans when operating faucets, showers, and other water supplies. Pump thermal relief valves are used to discharge the over-temperature water to prevent damage.

The ECONO/HAT-RA can provide thermal relief for domestic water supply booster pumps to keep them cool during idling. If the water in the pump starts elevating to temperatures higher than specified, the valve will modulate open discharging the hot water. Once the temperature falls back to acceptable levels the valve will modulate closed again. This discharged water can be collected, reused, or repurposed to reduce waste.

The HAT/RA-HP works the same way as the ECONO/HAT-RA but is rated for higher pressure systems. It’s maximum operating pressure is 1000 PSIG (69 BAR) which permits it to be used as a pump thermal relief valve on many fire pumps and high-pressure water pumps.

All of ThermOmegaTech®’s valves are completely mechanical and require no electricity to operate. Our valves rely on automatic temperature monitoring to solve temperature problems ultimately saving time, water, and energy.