ESS Emergency Safety Shower Water Heater

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Product Description

Model: ESS Emergency Safety Shower Water Heater

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The ESS water heater is a packaged system designed to meet the requirements of ANSI Z358.1-2014 for tepid water delivery to an emergency drench system. This heavy-duty water heater is constructed of a carbon steel tank and internally lined with 1/2″ thick Hydrastone cement to ensure tank longevity when operating at elevated temperatures, and is fully insulated with 3″ thick polyurethane foam to minimize stand-by heat loss.

The ESS water heater is packaged with our Therm-O-Mix®/WWM specifically designed, tested and proven for use in emergency safety shower/face/eyewash applications.

When you specify and install an ESS, you will have the confidence in knowing that the owner will be provided with a long lasting, safe and dependable source of tepid water for their emergency drench system needs.


Packaged with the ESS is a triple redundant, thermostatic pressure balanced valve designed specifically for emergency safety shower/face/eyewash applications. The Therm-O-Mix®/WWM factory mounted and piped to the water heater.  After water flow is activated at the emergency station, the outlet water temperature from the model ESS package will be maintained at 85°F tepid temperature. The ESS is able to achieve the high volume demand required for a safety drench system by mixing the 170°F water in the tank with incoming cold water. The mixing valve meets OSHA and ANSI requirements and is capable of providing constant 85°F output regardless of inlet pressure and temperature variations, and the temperature setting is tamper proof and cannot be inadvertently adjusted in the field. The water temperature is not warm enough to open skin pores and not cold enough to deter usage. The valve is capable of providing a full range of flows from the smallest flow of 0.4 GPM for an eyewash to the combined 23 GPM flow for a simultaneous demand of shower, eyewash, and face wash system.

Safety Features:

The Therm-O-Mix®/WWM incorporates a pressure sensing controller with a valve actuator that senses the water pressure on both the hot and cold water inlet connections. If hot water pressure is not present then the actuator overrides the mixing valve and a flow of cold water is allowed. If no cold-water pressure is available at the mixing valve inlet then the hot water port will close to prevent overheated water from exiting the mixing valve. The valve also includes a safety override feature that continuously senses the final mixed water temperature. If the final water temperature is overheated, the valve automatically closes the hot water port and fully opens the cold water port. In any of these fault conditions, the ESS will continue to provide a full flow of water as per the ANSI standard with no additional pressure drop.

Total Solution:

ThermOmegaTech® is the single source for emergency safety shower/eye & face wash systems. We offer everything you need for any situation to provide instant and continuous tepid water in times of emergency. From our available steam and water Therm-O-Mix® Station, water mixing Therm-O-Mix®/WWM or the tank heated ESS, your employees will always have access to safe and comfortable showers.