Cleaning food processing machinery or chemical tanks and equipment is not always an easy task. Conventional washdown stations, using old pressure balancing technology that relies on multiple moving parts, are prone to premature failure due to mineral deposits and scaling. The regular maintenance of these units, necessary to keep them running safely, is very time consuming and costly.

The ThermOmegaTech® STVM® Washdown Station delivers a high temperature washdown using a proprietary mixing valve that combines steam and fluid for a constant stream of fluid at a set temperature. Intuitive opening and closing valve throttles essentially eliminate the ‘hose full of steam’ problem of the past. Intuitive opening and closing valve with scouring action allows for the highest uptime. Easily field serviceable, our washdown station resists mineral and scale buildup and offers quiet operation that reduces operator stress and increases safety.

With a single moving part, the thermal actuator within the mixing valve cartridge, the ThermOmegaTech® STVM® Washdown Station ensures long, uninterrupted use and silent operation, even in high mineral content water conditions. As the flow of steam and water enter the mixing valve, a scouring action occurs that minimizes the buildup of minerals and reduces build up in tight clearance areas.

Changing of the cartridge is accomplished in just a few minutes. Our STVM® Washdown Station’s steam and water mixing valve is designed to reduce flow should the output temperature exceed the factory set point (150°F/185°F) and will completely shut down 15°F above that. The valve will restore flow once temperature falls below the shutoff temperature.