30 Years of Innovative Solutions

Learn more about the history of ThermOmegaTech’s innovative solutions using thermal actuator technology. Scroll across to see the history of our innovation milestones.

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Freeze Protection for Other Industries

We expand the application of our freeze protection products to serve other industries such as Aerospace, Chemical, Construction, Engineering, Food & Beverage, Government, HVAC, Manufacturing, Medical, Petroleum, Pharmaceutical, Plant & Safety, Power, Pulp & Paper, OEM, Wastewater and more.

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Scald Protection, Safety Shower

We develop scald protection products designed specifically to protect personnel by draining excessively hot water from safety showers and eyewash systems.

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Industrial Cleaning, Washdown Stations

We use our innovative technology to design the STVM® Steam & Water Washdown Station, which delivers a high temperature washdown using a proprietary mixing valve that combines steam and fluid for a constant stream of fluid at a set temperature.

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Freeze Protection, Railroad Passenger Cars

We introduce the GURU® PC Valve for Passenger Cars. Through the use of thermal actuator technology, these valves provide reliable freeze protection to minimize downtime for passenger car water bearing systems.

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We are the global leader in the design and manufacturing of the most advanced, reliable, and compact self-actuated valves for temperature control. We are the leaders in freeze protection valves for the railroad industry and protect billions of dollars of equipment every year.

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