GURU® Rebuild Program FAQs

GURU Rebuild Program

The GURU® Plug protects millions of dollars in railroad equipment every year and is the North American standard for locomotive freeze protection.

To keep your valves functioning at optimal levels and prevent nuisance dumping as the GURU® ages, ThermOmegaTech® recommends replacing them every 18-24 months.The GURU® Rebuild Program offers an economical and efficient way to do so.

Here are frequently asked questions about the GURU® Rebuild Program:

Q1: Where should I send the used GURU® Plugs to?
A1: Send them to our headquarters at:

                ThermOmegaTech, Inc.
                353 Ivyland Road
                Warminster, PA 18974 USA

Q2: Do I need an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)?
A2: No. Simply send a copy of the rebuild program purchase order.

Q3: How quickly will I get the GURU® Plugs back?
Q3: Depends on quantity. Orders with 50 or less plugs will be processed upon receipt of the PO by our UTEX program and returned to the customer within a week. For orders with 51+ plugs our factory will wait to receive the GURU® cores and then process the order with the same 1-week lead time.

Q4: Will the refurbished GURU®s work the same as a brand new one?
Q4: Absolutely! Every valve processed through the GURU® Rebuild Program is disassembled, cleaned, checked, and has its interior components replaced. The refurbished valve then goes through our standard testing procedure to confirm full functionality before being returned to you.

For more information on the program, click here.