HAT/FP for Condensate Line Freeze Protection

Choose the HAT/FP for your condensate line freeze protection needs!

As the freeze months settle in to stay, winter-proofing seems natural for some systems in your facility – make sure the emergency shower doesn’t freeze, the break room faucet still gives water, and that the bathrooms don’t turn into skating rinks.

You’ve got everything covered, but what about your industrial system’s steam condensate line?

Condensate lines are a vital component of your system to carry away steam condensate and prevent buildup. In cold months, these condensate drain lines are in danger of freezing and causing damage to the system. Even an electrical heat traced line could freeze if the tracing malfunctions or the facility loses electricity.

To prevent the damages often brought on by dropping temperatures, ThermOmegaTech offers the HAT/FP freeze protection valve. In a standard flow installation, the valve constantly monitors ambient temperature and will modulate open to drain the condensate once the valve’s set point is reached. Once open, the valve responds only to the temperature of the liquid flowing through it; modulating closed once the liquid’s temperature has risen to the set point.

Condensate Line Freeze Protection

The valve can alternatively be installed in a reverse flow position, in which case it would continuously monitor and modulate based on the condensate temperature.

The HAT/FP valve functions completely mechanically, automatically modulating in response to temperature changes. It can act as either the condensate line’s primary freeze protection or as a backup to heat tracing.

Don’t wait for frozen condensate lines to disrupt your industrial system, install a ThermOmegaTech HAT/FP valve before temperatures drop! For more information on the freeze protection solutions ThermOmegaTech offers, click here to visit our website.

Should you have any questions about how to integrate our HAT/FP condensate line freeze protection valve into your facility, please don’t hesitate to reach out!