Save Money With The GURU Rebuild Program

Are You Due For a GURU Rebuild?

Cold weather is quickly approaching, and most locomotive operators have already begun their annual winter prep. In anticipation of freezing temperatures, we recommend evaluating your currently installed GURU Plugs and rebuilding those that have been in service for more than 18-24 months via the GURU Rebuild Program

Why Rebuild Your GURU Plugs?

As your GURU ages, there is an inherent tendency for its internal thermal actuator to lose a small amount of stroke. While this would never compromise your freeze protection, this tendency results in an upwards release temperature creed, which can cause nuisance dumping above the valve’s set-point.

To prevent this upward creep in nuisance dumping, ThermOmegaTech offers the GURU Rebuild Program, an easy and economical way to restore used GURU plugs to full functionality.

GURU Rebuild Program

How It Works

To participate in the Rebuild Program, used GURU Plugs must first be returned to our production facility with a purchase order. We then disassemble the valve, clean the cartridge body and hex nut, and replace its interior components. After reassembly, the refurbished GURU Plug is thoroughly tested to ensure full functionality before being returned to the field.

How To Know You Are Due For A Rebuild

Each GURU’s Plug has a yearly-rotated color cap which is also laser marked with its month and year of manufacture.

GURU Rebuild Color Chart

If it has been at least 18-24 months since a valve’s manufacture date, you should consider a rebuild.