The Winterization Procedure That Will Keep Your Railroad Operations at Peak Performance

Winter is just around the corner, meaning temperatures are going to drop and railroad operators need a reliable freeze protection solution for their winterization procedures to prevent costly damages and delayed schedules.

ThermOmegaTech®’s GURU® Plug and GURU PC® valve are designed to automatically monitor and respond to temperature variations. Mechanically operated, the GURU® valves require no outside source of electricity, meaning when the power is out, the valves are still working at maximum efficiency.

Locomotive Freeze Protection

When diesel locomotives are not in use, the water in the cooling system is not being heated from the engine and will freeze if temperatures drop too low, this can cause cracked pipes and tanks, or worse case, an engine freeze up resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.

You can prevent this by installing a GURU® Plug at the lowest point of your engine coolant system to continuously sense the water temperature in the tank. Should the temperature reach the set-point of the valve, either 35°F (1.7°C) or 40°F (4.4°C), the GURU® will automatically “pop” open and drain the tank before freeze damage can occur.

Passenger Car Freeze Protection 

Passenger trains’ potable water-bearing systems are at risk of burst piping and tanks from freezing temperatures when the car heat is turned off for switching locomotives, during layovers or a power outage. Not only does this cause damage to the train, but it also disrupts the water supply being used for hand washing, hygiene and food preparation.

Eliminate this risk by installing a GURU PC® valve at the lowest point in a passenger car’s potable water bearing system. This valve monitors ambient temperatures and will automatically drain the system if the air temperature falls to the valve’s set-point, 35°F (1.7°C), preventing frozen tanks and bursting pipes.

GURU Rebuild Program

To maintain optimal valve performance, ThermOmegaTech® recommends you replace your GURU’s every 18-24 months to prevent nuisance dumping. We’ve developed a cost-effective way for you to prepare your fleet each winter with the GURU Rebuild Program. Send us your old GURU® Plugs to be cleaned, refurbished, and retested as part of your maintenance schedule to restore used GURU® Plugs to like-new condition!

Protecting over 95% of the North American locomotive industry and the largest passenger railroad provider in the United States, the GURU® truly is the gold standard in railroad freeze protection. Any winterization procedure without the GURU® is incomplete.