3 GURU Plug Accessories to Stream-Line Maintenance

3 GURU Plug Accessories to Stream-Line Maintenance

The North American railroad industry has relied on the GURU Plug to protect its locomotives every winter for more than 35 years. A reliable and easy to use product, the GURU is the industry’s freeze protection standard.

Each time the GURU Plug “pops” and dumps a water storage tank due to falling temperatures, the tank has to be refilled. To streamline refilling the water tank and getting your locomotive back into service quickly, we offer the following GURU Plug accessories:

GURU Flag and Clip

GURU Flag and Clip

To avoid “tripping” the valve while refilling the tank with cold water, we offer the GURU Flag and Clip Tool. After warming the cartridge nose, the clip at the end of the cable is inserted into the resetting stem’s slot and the tank is refilled.

When the locomotive’s cooling system is back up to temperature, the clip is removed and the GURU is ready to protect the locomotive.

The flag is magnetic and attached on the outer wall of the locomotive as a visual aid, reminding operators that the GURU plug is disarmed. The flag prevents leaving the clip in the valve stem, compromising the valve’s function.

GURU Flag and Key

The GURU Flag and Key tool works with the anti-tamper valve’s domed cap. The tool’s “key” is inserted into the cartridge end of the valve after warming the nose in order to clip the resetting stem.

The stem is not accessible, eliminating the risk of leaving a penny or washer tucked up under it by accident and compromising freeze protection.

Compressor Head Cleaning Tool

CHCT - Compressor Head Cleaning Tool

Over time, dirt and debris can accumulate in a locomotive’s compressor head, potentially compromising freeze protection.

The compressor head cleaning tool(CHCT) is used to flush out debris from the compressor head and ensure a complete seal.